• Circlework dissolves our separateness and awakens us to the shared heartspace that is our evolutionary potential. This book is a deeply wise, compassionate and invaluable guide for our times.
    Tara Brach, Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge
  • Circlework is life-altering and completely outside of any experience I have ever had. It quenches our longing for a kind of connection that is really hard to find in our society. I had to experience this level of intimacy in order to understand that what I was looking for is actually available. Out of that, hope has come.
    Leanne Drumheller, Social Worker
  • With generous love and clear devotion, Jalaja teaches us to creates sacred ground in which each woman can plant her seed of knowing. Through Circlework, we find a deeper understanding of what is holy in each of us.
    Tina Simson, minister
  • The Magic of Circlework is a wonderful, right and useful book, essential for building and sustaining synergistic spiritual community. Read it and use it!
    Andrew Harvey, Author of The Hope - A Guide to Sacred Activism
  • I came to Circlework with a lifetime of distrust of groups, with fear of being rejected, different, too strong, too weak, too much or not enough to be accepted, to belong. My experience was really like a homecoming. There was a sense of welcome and deepening familiarity and deep love. I am grateful past words to have found my way here.
    Virginia Logan
  • Jalaja has a unique blend of compassion, humor, depth, and self-awareness—she’s one of the wisest women I have ever met. She empowered us individually and as a group to be our best. Thanks to the Circlework Training, my work with teams and executives has shifted dramatically.
    Joy M. Collins
  • Beautiful to the eye, well illustrated, practical and spacious, The Circlework Training Manual is an invaluable resource for any woman who belongs to a circle or wants to facilitate circles!
    Jean Shinoda Bolen. MD. author of The Millionth Circle and Goddesses in Every Woman